Sample Subrecipient Agreement

Sub-recipients are listed in organization research in Kuali Research. Select Search an Organization on the Kuali Research Welcome screen in quick links, then enter the sub-receiver`s name into the Organization Name field using asterisks for a place search. Example: Watch your sub-receiver to make sure progress is being made. Document project progress and completion: record phone calls, meetings, emails, reports, delivery items and compliance requirements (e.g. B, IRB authorizations). Check the work statement before the requirement. Does it reflect the address request? Supplier and consulting contracts are signed by the Strategic Sourcing and Acquisition Services. Request for address. (SPA) spends sub-primes. The department begins the process by issuing an address request for each subcontractor.

The process can begin after receiving the notice of attribution to the UMB and after a project has been put in place. If the sub-receiver does not execute or has not provided the required reports, inform account-wide account payers and your SPA team to delay future payments until the issue is resolved. Document the problem and associated communications. Keep an eye on your sub-receiver to make sure they are billed regularly and on time. A subaward must be closed at the end of the project, after all technical reports or other results have been completed by the subcontractor and after the subcontractor`s final invoice has been paid. Measures taken to conclude a sub-premium should also be taken when subcontracting ends prematurely, before the end date of a signed agreement. As part of the audit, compare spending reported by key individuals to approved (assigned) efforts to ensure compliance with the commitment. Efforts should be commensurated with progress.

If there is a “disconnection,” follow your subcontractors` contacts to resolve the issue. A subcontractor contract, commonly known as Subaward, is part of a bonus distributed by the recipient of the original arbitration award to a third party (sub-receiver) to perform part of the project`s work that is a collaborative or essential contribution to the project. To complete and send the subcontractor, contact information is required for the auditor and the subcontractor`s administrative contacts. If you are not yet at Kuali Research, please send address requests. The subcontractor`s requests for changes to the agreement are forwarded to UMB PI for verification and approval. Sub-price manual Appendix E – Contractor award form for the closing of the subcontractor: Approved changes are incorporated into a sub-price modification issued by SPA.