Tata Consultancy Services Limited Agreement

In May 2013, TCS was awarded a six-year contract worth more than $1,100 to provide services to the Indian Postal Service. [39] In 2013, the company moved from 13th to 10th place in the League of 10 IT Services Leaders[40] and in July 2014, it became the first Indian company with a market capitalization of more than 5 Lakh. [41] [42] b) the operation or use of the software in combination with third-party materials or products, systems, hardware or software, or with third-party services, processes or materials, if the violation did not occur, but for such a combination; The licensee agrees that TCS and its associated companies have technical information regarding the use of the software and/or services when they are implemented under this agreement, Comments, entries or comments that the licensee may provide regarding software and/or documentation, without limitation, payment or accounting to the licensee, including, but not limited, collect and use to improve his products or provide the licensee with custom services or technologies, and not to disclose this information in a form that personally identifies the licensee. 12.3 The limitation of liability of one of the contracting parties, as defined in Section 12.1 and Section 12.2, does not apply to liability for damages resulting (i) from intentional misconduct; (ii) the parties` obligations to compensate under this agreement; (iii) violation or misuse of TCS intellectual property rights in SaaS services, software, activation software or documentation by the customer or its authorized users; or (v) violation of Section 10.4 by the customer. Notwithstanding any violation of anything in this Agreement, the liability of TCS` and its affiliates for trial services and related companies is limited to direct damages of up to $100.00 or an equivalent amount in the applicable national currency. The limitation/exclusion of a party`s liability, as defined in Section 9.1 and Section 9.2, does not apply to liability for damages resulting from the intentional misconduct of that party, its associated companies, its employees or its representatives or persons for whom it is legally responsible; Section 8 obligations (compensation); and because of the infringement or misuse of intellectual property rights by the licensee resulting from the licensee`s use of the software, its authorized users or related companies in a manner that is not permitted under this agreement.