York House Collective Agreement

The Company agrees that only documents relevant to the employee`s employment and performance or justified essential documents will be retained in personnel files. In the event that the employee believes that a document in the file does not meet these criteria and the responsible administrative officer does not agree to the removal of the specified material, the employee may file a complaint in accordance with Article 10 of this Agreement. An assessment may be delayed or cancelled by mutual agreement between the teacher and the assessor. If an employee considers that he has been wronged by the company`s decision to refuse it during the trial period, he may challenge the decision through the appeal procedure provided for in Article 10 of this Agreement. If both parents are employees of the Company, the employees determine the allocation of parental leave between themselves subject to the consent of the Company. Total parental leave, if divided between both parents, may not exceed 52 weeks. 1. It was agreed that the rates of pay shown for support staff apply only to established employees and that the parties have agreed that the initial rates of pay for new or replacement employees may be different. When new or replacement employees are hired by the company, the company and the union negotiate appropriate starting wage rates. For greater bidding, until the parties have agreed on an initial rate of pay, newly hired employees will receive the reasonable rate of pay set out in the agreement.

An employee who is entitled to health benefits under other provisions of this Agreement may claim such benefits for any period before or after the beginning of the period of pregnancy leave. Pursuant to section 53 of the Industrial Relations Act, the Parties shall establish a Joint Consultation Committee which shall meet at least once every 60 days or at the request of either Party at a time and place mutually convenient to discuss matters affecting the Parties to this Collective Agreement at York House School. The company and the Union shall contribute equally to the costs of printing the agreement on the members of the bargaining unit. provided; However, the provisions of this Article shall be exercised in accordance with the other provisions of this Agreement and shall not be used for purposes which discriminate against workers. Where, after a meeting in accordance with Article 29(1), the company and the Union have agreed on an adjustment plan, that plan shall form an integral part of that collective agreement. If any of the Parties to this Agreement contests the general application, interpretation or alleged breach of any article of this Agreement, the dispute must first be discussed with the company or the Union within 60 days of the event. In the case of a satisfactory settlement, either Party may submit the dispute to arbitration in accordance with Article 11 of this Agreement. (m) This Agreement is deemed terminated at the time a Teacher`s employment contact is not renewed. In the event of termination under this section, 20% of the salary that has not been paid to the teacher as a result of his or her participation in the program up to the date of termination of employment shall be paid to the teacher with interest in six equal monthly instalments beginning in the month following receipt of the written notice of termination. .